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While the ear 1984 has come and gone long ago, the disturbing yet strangely prophetic vision George Orwell presented in 1949 continues to be timelier with each passing decade.

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The present disclosure describes compact doorbell camera implementations having capabilities of high power on camera processing, low light e.

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Having a security camera or a set of them installed strategically around your property can be a great convenience in a number of ways.

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security alarms for homes

It offers improved video resolution at 1080p HD, and still remains very easy to install. It features a quick release battery and takes about five minutes to install. This model costs $199. Video Doorbell Pro – The next up version is the Video Doorbell Pro and is an excellent choice for various reasons. It is a hardwired doorbell. But, while it takes a bit longer to install just about 15 minutes it provides more security features. It also has video resolution of 1080p HD. It is priced at $249. Video Doorbell Elite – The highest end model, this is a professional grade video doorbell. It comes with a PoE and flush mounted installation. You will need to have a pro install it.

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But with Zmodo, you will still have the option to pay for cloud storage if you choose.

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